About Us

Once upon a time we went to a “Harry Potter quiz”…. the quiz was that bad that Fang could have answered the questions! So for  Harry Potter fans we were really disappointed.

So we decided that we would set up a quiz for all of the witches, wizards, squibs, and muggles who think they know their Harry Potter!

Meet the team…

She is the Mrs Weasley of the team, the mumma bear so to speak. She makes sure everything is running smoothly and wont take nonsense from anyone.

The one to be afraid of, she is the Belatrix of the team. Often seen with wild hair and a crazy look in her eye!

We do take photos during the quiz so please smile for the camera. Any photos you take yourself, please send to us so we can show how much fun you had at the Muggle Mastermind quiz on our website and social media!